I’ve been a registered nurse for 15 years, wow that goes fast. During that time I also became a mom and a wife ♥. We have a blended family of 4 children, giving birth to one, adopting one, and married into the lives of two.

At a young age I had created a bulletin board full of life quotes and empowering visions. I loved the hope it created, the idea that anything was possible for this life. My own vision board before vision boards were trendy. I wrote a book of poems about changing the world and loving people. Seems cheesy now, but I love the child version of what I’ve come to realize as my God given purpose before I knew what limitations were. Then the world took me over, as I believe it does for everyone. And you lose sight of that implanted purpose and take on other people’s limitations.

I’ve recently started to come alive as I learn more about people, their stories of overcoming, of failing and of love. It’s made me examine my own journey and direction. It’s during this, I discovered that the process of becoming is the most important thing. I’m enlightened by hearing people in their real stories of achievement and rise. Intrigued by their discipline and persistence. Inspired by their struggles. We all have our stories and I hope by being real in mine, that I can inspire people to be real in their own.